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Many of our pupils come to us with varying degrees of theory or driving experience, some may have none at all, others, have the basics or concept of driving, some may understand vehicle controls.

Whatever your experience, we endeavour to build upon the experience you have and instil the ability and confidence necessary to become a safe driver for life, and not to simply pass the driving test. In addition we will impart the RSA’s EDT driver syllabus from commencement to completion, we can even act as your sponsor while teaching you at the same time.

At Top Class Driving School we deliver exactly what you need…

Top Class Driving School Training Incorporates:-

Rules of the Road, Road Signage and Traffic Regulations / The Law and You / Owning a Car/ The Requirements and Procedures / Driver Alertness/Awareness/ Driver Attitudes/ Driver Responses & Vehicle Separation Distances/ Think, Reaction and Overall Vehicle Braking Distances/ Driver Impairments/ Driver Perception/ Driver Judgement/ Driver Decisions / Explanations on Vulnerable Road Users/ Use of Different Vehicle Types/ Driving on Different Road Types/ Different Road Conditions, Road Types and Characteristics/ Legal Driving Documents/ Accidents/ Vehicle & Passenger Safety/ Vehicle Loading/ Basic Vehicle Mechanics/ Vehicle Safety Equipment/ Your Statutory Requirements/ Your Theory Test/ Your Driving Test and much more…

Driving Lessons for Complete Beginners

Having passed your theory test you can commence your practical driving course, taking into consideration the EDT lesson program (please see EDT section) of which we are registered and approved and able to implement straight away.

Provide all the paperwork necessary to commence learning e.g. Pupil / Sponsor Logbook etc. It is important to be aware that everyone will learn to drive at a different pace and we can adopt our modern teaching practices to suit your individual requirements. During your driving lessons the driving instructor will use a driver progress sheet and will explain your progress, this assists both the instructor and the pupil in the learning process…

Our driver training programme incorporates the Road Safety Authorities EDT teaching programme. In addition, we offer a full explanation of the learning process and aspects of the law on new drivers including:-

Explanation of the Primary & Secondary Controls of the Vehicle / Cockpit Drill/ Starting the Vehicle/ Moving Off and Stopping / Correct Vehicle Position on the Road / Left and Right Turns/ Explanation and Reaction to Hazards While Driving/ Driving within and Changing Lanes While Driving/ Cross Junctions and Roundabouts/ Dual Carriageway & Large Volume Traffic/ Turnabout / Reversing / Parking/ Emergency Stops/ Hill Starts etc. See Breakdown Summary Below..

Cockpit Drill

Includes, primary & secondary vehicle controls, accelerator, foot brake, clutch, gears, handbrake, steering…

Other Controls

Includes, vehicle instruments, precautions before starting the vehicle, ignition/starter…


Includes, setting/views, effective use/timings, blind spots stationary/traveling…


Includes, effective signalling, changing speed, changing course


Includes, When and where necessary, correct type, correct timing, use of hand signals, Garda/points man signals…

Practical Training Manoeuvres

Quick reaction, Controlled Braking, Correct Observation & Blind spots, Moving Away Again.

Vehicle Control & Skidding…

Includes, Explanation of Main Causation’s, Avoidance, Vehicle Recovery


Includes, Observation/Safety/Understanding, Under Control/Accuracy

Left & Right Reverse

Includes, Preparation, Observation, Clutch Control, Signalling, Speed, Aligning, The Law, Moving Away

Reverse Parking

Includes, Preparation, Observation, Clutch Control, Signalling, Speed, Aligning, The Law, Moving Away

Practical Road Procedures

Includes, Traffic Signs/Signals / Road Markings/ Traffic Controls & Filter Lights/ Other Signals

Making Progress

Includes Speed Limits / Traffic Conditions / Weather/Visibility / Separation Travelling Distances /Avoiding Hesitancy etc.


Includes Observations-General + MSM Routine/ Turns Corners-Right/Left/ Speed on Approach To & Away From

Crossroads & Roundabouts

Includes, Roundabouts (Inc. Mini RAB’s)/ Road Positioning / Meeting / Crossing Traffic Overtaking /Clearance / Pedestrian /Crossings)/ Driving at Night / All Weather Driving / Dual Carriageway Driving (Post Test) Motorway Driving / Advance Driving

Driving Test Tips & Guides

Although we issue some advice on the driving test in the following text we advise Driver Education as a way forward. We believe that test standard is only the beginning of your driving life. It is a minimum standard of competency. Essentially being a “good driver” is Experience Over Time and Time Over Experience!

However As a Re-Cap We Advise the Following:-
Study the rules of the road and understand its content fully. Ask questions from reliable sources. Take adequate driving lessons with your ADI and get as much practice with your sponsor and consider what if?

What if that car was to move out while I pass this junction, what if the traffic lights were to suddenly change to amber, then red? Can I stop safely?

Take a series of pre test courses prior to your test date with your ADI, to familiarize yourself with the complexities of test route. Essentially take note difficult areas, such as one-way streets, difficult junctions, double mini-roundabouts etc., so that you understand the level of difficulty.

Practice the pre-set test manoeuvres, until you can carry them out, without prompting and without any minor faults. That will leave you with a margin of less than 8 faults for the rest of the drive on the day of your test. Practice, practice, and practice until you can drive without verbal or physical intervention from your instructor or sponsor for the duration of a full driving lesson or a mock driving test.


If, unfortunately, you stall, deal with it effectively and safely and move on. As long as you don’t stall in a dangerous situation, such as on a roundabout and as long as you recover it properly, this needn’t count as a major fault and you can still pass your test.

Have I Already Failed?

If you feel you’ve made a mistake, don’t instantly assume you’ve failed – it may only have been a minor fault. Continually thinking of a past mistake puts pressure on you and a direct result often means you are not concentrating on the road ahead and could mean a more serious mistake ahead. Put it behind you and carry on driving as well as you can.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Resist the temptation to look at the tester and what he or she is writing. At this point you should be used to a clipboard being on your Instructor’s lap. Testers often mark the areas that are competent and complete e.g. after a turnabout or reverse and along the way. Keep your attention on your driving and the road ahead!

The 10 Most Common Reasons for Driving Test Failure

  • 1. Observation at junctions – ineffective observation and judgement
  • 2. Reverse parking – ineffective observation and/or a lack of accuracy
  • 3. Use of mirrors – not checking or not acting on information
  • 4. Reversing round a corner – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy
  • 5. Incorrect use of signals – not cancelling or giving misleading signals
  • 6. Moving away safely – ineffective observations
  • 7. Incorrect positioning on the road – particularly at roundabouts or on bends
  • 8. Lack of steering control – steering too early or too late
  • 9. Incorrect position to turn right – at junctions and/or in one-way streets
  • 10.Inappropriate speed – travelling too slowly or with too much hesitation

About Pat Ferris

Pat Ferris is an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) with the Road Safety Authority (RSA). Pat is the founder and principal driving instructor of Top Class Driving School.

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