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Jim Passes His Driving Test in Raheny


I just passed my driving test in Raheny with the professional assistance of Pat Ferris.

I had failed it previously with another instructor.

Pat’s calm and relaxed temperament belies his fantastic ability to remember every driving detail of the lesson along with previous week’s lessons to give clear constructive criticism. I was well able to gauge where I was improving and where I still needed work.

I found the points he highlighted, which other instructors missed, improved my driving skills. He also gives specific instructions to help me to pass the test.

I would definitely recommend Pat to learner drivers, great value and professional excellence are a rare combination indeed.

Top Class Driving School Helps Kamlesh


Hi pat, I would like to thank you again for your help in passing my driving test.

“Delivers what it says on the tin ! It was Top class lessons throughout!

Pat will help you grow in confidence and you will definitely see improvements in your driving with each lesson. His professionalism, dedication and knowledge will keep you focused and that’s what puts him above the rest of the pack…

Many thanks again.

Flor Passes Their Driving Test in Finglas


I just passed my test in Finglas today the 8th of October ! It was a lot of hard work involved but I also had an excellent instructor in Pat Ferris.

I will recommend him to my teenagers when they are ready for it. He took me from barely having started a vehicle before to getting me going on the road and helped me to overcome any fears with a calm and patient manner. Always encouraging at the same time as he was able to point out to me step by step how I could improve.

I will say he has an amazing ability to make you see your progress at the same time as he tells you what to work on!

I have total confidence in Pat as a very good instructor that truly cares that you pass.

Thank you Pat

Pamela Passes Driving Test Thanks To Pat Ferris

I had inherited a lot of bad habits but thanks to Pat and his great teaching technique I passed my test in Raheny after just three lessons and a pre-test lesson!

I would definitely recommend Pat, he’s a great instructor, thank-you!!

Mary Recommends Top Class Driving School

Hi Pat!

Thanks a million!

Pat was a great teacher! I went from hardly knowing how to turn on a car to passing my test first time in quite a short space of time! He is extremely patient as I would consider myself a little nervous and he still made sure that I was driving well.

If you’re looking for your first lesson or some pre test lessons I would and will strongly recommend this driving school.

Dara Passes Their Driving Test

I highly recommend Pat as a driving instructor to help you pass your driving test.

Firstly Pat knows his stuff…he knows what the testers are looking for you to do and not to do…And he gets you driving in that way.

Pat teaches in a gentle and encouraging way that builds your confidence in your own driving. He’s a very decent and friendly guy and he was very generous in the time he gave me for each session, often giving me significantly more time than I’d booked for.

With Pat you get the sense that he is not just teaching to make a living but that it’s important to him that you pass the test, which I did ! 🙂

Go with Pat ! 🙂

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