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Annmarie Passes her Driving Test Thanks To Pat Ferris


Thanks Pat for your patience and guidance. Your calm teaching approach and attention to detail helped me achieve the desired result.

The day I passed the test was the best feeling in the world.

Thank you so much!!

Orlaith Passes Their Driving Test Thanks To TopClass Driving School

I started receiving lessons from Pat a number of months ago having used different instructors in the past. I found Pat to be excellent. He was patient, provided great advice and was very flexible in terms of lesson times. Most importantly I passed my driving test first time so I would highly recommend Pat to anyone learning how to drive.

Marge Gains Confidence in Her Driving


I am so happy that I found Pat! He was absolutely brilliant! I was always looking forward to the next lesson. He was very patient and understanding but at the same time he pushed me to achieve results. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, he finds the best way to explain things to u so u really understand and know what to do.

Pat gave me confidence to get in to the car and go on the road that other instructors couldn’t do. I was terrified of driving when I started but after my first lesson I was happy to drive around by myself. I’ve passed my test today and I am so happy that he made it possible! 8 months ago I couldn’t imagine myself on the road.

Thanks Pat!

Ailís Passes Her Driving Test Thanks to TopClass Driving School


Pat Ferris- what an affable gent and highly proficient tutor!
I absolutely recommend him.
He never lost his cool no matter what I put him through (and I fear I put him through a lot)! He would just turn it into another step in the lesson.

I very much appreciated the extra time and care he put into making sure each aspect was understood. Another thing I found to be quite impressive was his perception of my mindset through observing my driving. He could actually say what I was thinking the majority of the time. So yes, there was no fooling him but he really made me see sense without making me feel stupid, and he eased my nerves. It is because of him I have passed my test and I am so grateful…however I will actually miss our lessons!

If that doesn’t say something about the quality of this service, I don’t know what will. I wish him the very best. Thank you, Pat!

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